"Beautifully Brutal"
Alaric Pritchard


Dance has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old and I can't imagine what life would be like without it. I've lived, worked, and breathed dance as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer as well as enjoying it as my hobby alongside of Yoga and feel extremely fortunate to continue to do so. I only decided to recently formalise my yoga practice by commencing my teacher training last year because I felt that I needed more from Yoga than just attending a class a couple of times a week. I wanted to fully immerse myself in the practice alongside the theory to deepen my knowledge and understanding of what Yoga is and how it can be made even more relevant in the modern world. It’s been an epic journey to get to this point but I can honestly say that through all of the ups and downs one vision has remained absolutely clear and that is my need to pass on the absolute joy I feel every time I move (whether this is in a Dance or a Yoga context) to all those that attend my classes.

The health benefits of movement are undisputed and as my career has progressed I've become a huge advocate of them, for everyone not just for dancers. Not only have I experienced the benefits both physically and mentally first hand I also get the absolute pleasure of witnessing the impact that dance and movement has on the people that I am lucky to work with on a daily basis. A huge part of my work as a dance and movement practitioner is to help both my dance students and adults that attend my open classes to physically develop in strength, stamina, fitness and flexibility and as much as this is an amazing journey to be a part of I find it far more inspiring when I get the chance to witness somebody else’s experience of joy from movement, the moment I see their inhibitions melt away as they relax and find their flow, the very minute they begin to move from the heart and discover a connection with a gesture, a breath or a piece of music and most importantly the moment they’ve left what’s bothering them outside the studio door and are truly in the present, escaping through movement and becoming empowered to dance as if they don't have a care in the world.


'Why walk when you can Dance?

Melissa Black

Sun, Jul 12
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Alyson Dodd

I've been enjoying Black's Barre classes at the lovely Studio Velo for over a year now, and I love them. Every class is good fun with laughs, as well as being challenging and improving my co-ordination, strength and overall fitness. I love that I'm learning new skills while also doing exercise - there's no clock watching in Melissa's classes as they're so much fun. Even when you hear another "eight more!"

Louise Ross

I’m lucky to have Melissa Black as my movement / ballet / yoga / Pilates / general legendary dance guru and I’m telling you I feel about 500x better to be getting back into dance after a 15 year hiatus! My schedule is pretty hectic but having our sessions booked in forces me to step away from the computer and make time for strength, conditioning, posture and general well-being...and I’m so glad! I run regularly and have a good level of fitness, but dance is a totally different kind of exercise. Already, I feel less like a crab and more like a swan (ok, let’s say a duckling who’s working on becoming a swan 😂). If anyone is based over in Whitley Bay or Tynemouth, I highly recommend you check out Studio Velo, or otherwise any of Melissa’s classes as ‘Black’s Barre’.

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