Beautifully Boutique Fitness at the Coast

It was just under 2 yrs ago when I received a phone call from Stephi Shilling, the owner of Studio Velo in Whitley Bay asking if I'd like to meet her at her new studio to explore the option of bringing Black's Barre to her space, and what a two year journey it's all been. I remember walking into the then unfinished space and being overwhelmed with it's style and Steph's attention to detail throughout the entire building. No corner has been cut or expense has been spared, from the reclaimed flooring to the bespoke reception and hand painted mural of mountains on the back wall it just resonated absolute style, luxury and good taste. A studio with a soul, filled with purpose and finished with a unique personal touch, which is what boutique fitness is all about, right?

It was evident from the very early days of our collaboration that we shared the same feeling of disheartenment towards the types of fitness venues, classes and spaces readily available which was something we both wanted to change with that personal touch and high level of expertise being at the absolute heart of what we wanted to create for you all through our two unique brands. Being a boutique fitness space allows us to offer the best possible workout experience for our members and customers based on what they want us to provide.

Our customers are generally more willing to invest in what challenges them physically and mentally and are more interested in what makes them healthy, they seek quality over quantity and are investing more on experiences that go on beyond the studio and outlast the length of one of our classes. It's that post-class feeling of uplift and sense of wellness that we're proud of and It's because we work so closely with our clients that we are able to offer workouts, specialised classes and services with a high experiential factor, smaller, more intimate class sizes, and a fitness community that is not only driven by us but by everyone that walks through our doors.

We are more than a place of exercise and want our brands to be community-powered with our core values very much at the centre of everything we offer to you all. So as our 'Velo Tribe' grows we want to continue to grow with you by developing new classes, creating exclusive opportunities for our members alongside new experiences that everyone can enjoy whether they are a member or not. We can offer you a space to escape in, take a moment to pause from your hectic schedule and a beautiful venue to move your body in a whole newfound sense of purpose, just a stone throw away from the sea.

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